Can you trust wine insiders reviews?

Can you trust wine insiders reviews?

Thanks to the fierce competition that is prevalent in every field, review wars have become a common thing and all the players are forced to fight these wars. Though reviews can be good for consumers, there is a darker side to them. Let us now find out if wine insiders reviews can be trusted.

It appears that there are as many “experts” who proclaim to have skills of reviewing the wine reviews as there are wines. Of course, there are review-reviewers as well who review the wine reviews written by reviewers. These review-reviewers strongly feel that wine insiders reviews cannot be trusted. According to them, it is better you trust the sagacity of wine users rather than falling a prey to the wisdom of the so-called experts who have written reviews of wines. Since the battalion of wine users may consist of diverse groups of people, their opinions are more valuable than wine insiders reviews.

Why is it this opinion of the review-reviewers may be right?

This opinion of the review-reviewers seems to be right because the reviews written by the so-called experts appears to belong to the “propaganda” category. This means that they are coming out with these reviews for promoting the wines offered by the manufacturers. Let us not worry about what transpired between the manufacturers and these reviewers. Our aim is to find out if these wine insiders reviews can be trusted or they are worthy of being discarded.

It is true that some of these reviewers provide us with great insights about the wines they are reviewing but others can pull us down and put us in a rabbit-hole. So, you, as a consumer, should be able to find out if the reviews you choose to go through are supportive or if they are potential minefields.

What are the problems that can be created by such wine insiders reviews?

1. The main problem with these reviews is that they can color your judgment which means they are capable of interfering with or influencing your views or decisions. 

2. Secondly, individual reviews are subjective. On the other hand, there is more objectivity in the opinions expressed by diverse groups of people. That is the reason you will be able to make better choices and decisions if you go through the informed discussions and opinions of such groups. Not only that, these groups share more information than the reviewers. In short, your decision-making process becomes more effective by trusting the opinions of diverse groups of wine users instead of trusting individual wine insiders reviews.

Now, the question is whether getting reviews written by the so-called experts is good marketing or not. The intention of wine manufacturers is to promote the wines they make and see that their products are sold. They have a commercial motive and hence, they are resorting to all these ways. But the reviewers or the so-called critics are supposed to be unbiased and they should adopt the doctrine of objectivity while reviewing wines. Whether they adopt such an approach or not is debatable. To put it bluntly, they seem to have questionable motives while writing positive reviews for wines that may not be worthy of such praises.

The age-old belief that “quality sells” is witnessing a slow death.

Earlier, business were strongly believing that the quality of the products they are offering would itself help them achieve the sales they were expecting to get. But now, things are very much different. It is now showbiz all the way. Manufacturers of products do not hesitate to spend enormous amounts for advertising what they are offering. In fact, they are ready to pay millions of dollars for roping in celebrities to appear on their ads or in their promotional videos. This being the case, it  is not surprising to note that wine manufacturers, who have huge stakes in their business, are resorting to not-so-straight ways for getting positive reviews written by the so-called experts.

So, can you trust wine insiders reviews or not?

Now the question is: Are the reviews by wine insiders trust-worthy? Remember that just because you have doubts about the truthfulness of the reviews written by these critics, you should not stop going through them. While you are advised to gather all the relevant details from these reviews, you should not allow the opinions of these reviewers to breach your ways of making decisions. 

But the very fact that there are a number of reviews for a single product or wine makes things more complex. You are likely to be bewildered by the various ratings the wines you are considering are getting. This may certainly create a choking effect on your decision making process. You may not also be able to bear the insane pressure that is caused by these ratings and reviews. 

Remember that only if you learn to out-think these reviewers, you will be able to make the right choice from the wide variety of wines available. This means that you should ensure not to forgo your strength of judging things in the right manner. Of course, the transition may be difficult initially. But if you apply your mind by adopting a focused approach, you can learn how to sift the wine insiders reviews, extract the most salient details, and derive the best benefits out of them.


The best way is to go through the reviews written by the review-reviewers so you can identify the right and dependable wine insiders reviews. You must make it a point to take the guidance of these reliable reviews only. In a nutshell, not all wine insiders reviews can be trusted. Only a few can provide you with the right type of guidance you wish to have.

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