Red wine nasal sprays could prevent lung cancer in smokers

Red wine

Red wine nasal sprays could prevent lung cancer in smokers

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With the increasing amount of pollution and impurities increasing around us, there is always a risk of getting attacked with chronic diseases. Degradation of the air quality around us gets us infected with many types of lung and heart diseases. On top of this, there are smokers who have the risk of getting affected by cancer cells due to excessive smoking of tobacco. Tobacco affects the lungs of a person badly and can be a reason to accelerate the growth of cancer cells if one is already attacked with them. Survival with cancer is extremely difficult as it spreads through the cells rapidly and leaves the sufferer in pain and in most cases turn fatal. A group of Swiss scientists seems to have come up with a solution for the smokers with a special type of nasal medicinal spray.

Their research has shown that a certain type of chemical that is found in red wine can serve as a pre care medicine for smokers who have the risk of getting affected by cancer. The chemical which goes by the name of resveratrol is found in red grapes and has shown enormous results when it was tested in the laboratory by the scientists. The experiments were performed on mice which were exposed to the cancer causing compounds from cigarette smoke and then they were made to sniff resveratrol. The results showed that the signs of tumors in the mice reduced by almost 50%. This experiment has been a great success and the chemical has been planned to get medicated and sold as inhalers and even in e-cigarettes.

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The quantity of resveratrol in red wine is bare minimum and consumption of red wine in order to prevent cancer is not at all advisable. Instead, if the chemical is given a medical form and specially implemented in inhalers and e cigarettes, it will be a great help for smokers who are also affected with asthma. E-cigarettes are already being promoted to reduce the effect of tobacco on the lungs and if the device is already loaded with resveratrol, it will obviously be safer for the smokers. More than 35,000 people are attacked with lung cancer every year which turn out taking their lives. The implementation of the chemical in nasal sprays will be an intelligent step towards the prevention of cancer. Resveratrol is already used in many food supplements, so its safety does not need to be proved in the commercial market again. It is also highly soluble in propylene glycol, which is the main constituent chemical in e-cigarettes, making it more convenient to manufacture. This research is an extremely important revolution in the medical world and is predicted to bring successful results with proper implementation. A chemical found so commonly in red grapes is an easily available compound to be used in drugs.

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