Reasons To Date A Wine Drinker

Reasons To Date A Wine Drinker

Everyone loves to have a good time with his or her lovers and, after a long work week, some people opt to blow off that steam by heading to the local bar with a lover. There’s nothing wrong with this, so long as everyone knows exactly how to be a responsible wine consumer.

Fine wine is what men want!

Do you even have the idea of how it will look to have a sober as a lover? For women are more really want to have fun with their lover and enjoy their dating, they should crack for men who drink fine wine.

Here are Reasons dating a Wine Drinker is necessary:

• They are a great romantic.
Unlike other men, they are a great romantic. They like classic and mature things because wine itself is a well-advanced drink. It is so endowed with charm and at the same time a dark part which makes it adorably sexy. In short, it’s a real man!

• They do not feel afraid to face problems.
They will not be afraid of clashes. They appreciate their love relationships in the same way as fine wine: you know, with this little after taste, this slight burning sensation. In short, they like to confront; it is something that spices their life.

• They take things gently.
It’s all about the process with wine drinkers. What men want, they enjoy their drink and take as much time in a relationship. And especially in bed! They will take the time to explore your body, and everything will be done in sensuality. What is better?

• They are frank.
If they are temperamental, they do not go by four ways either and tells you directly the bottom of his thought. They do not play with a big mystery! So much so that they will not be afraid to annoy you when they think you are going too far. In short, the wine drinker is as attentive as temperamental. An ideal middle ground!

• They can explore anywhere in the world and be comfortable.
A man who drinks wine is great to travel with because he’s not too picky and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Touring together is one of the pleasantest parts of being in a relationship, and you’ll have a wonderful and relaxing time with your wine-drinking lover.

• They will make you feel invincible.
It is not therefore that they will not know how to enhance you. Just like fine wine when tasted, it will give you an incredible sense of self-confidence. And we are not going to deceive ourselves: the best lovers are those who make you think that you are the most awesome and sexy person they met. The wine drinker falls into this category!

• They invest in a relationship.
Not only does the fine wine lover make a perfect lover but they are also a perfect life partner. Like the taste of wine itself, it will surprise with this little taste that tickles the throat. Living with them is a sacred adventure so if your half is wine drinkers do not let it go, lucky!

The list goes on and on.

So now it’s up to you decide which lover is best for you — having a date with SOBER OR WINE DRINKER?


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