How Cannabis Can Replace Your Glass of Wine

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How Cannabis Can Replace Your Glass of Wine

While wine has been a great American staple since the dawn of time, there is a major shift happening nowadays. Now that the recreational use of cannabis is being legalized in more and more states, some people are ditching their tradition drinks, such as wine and beer, for cannabis-infused products. The reason behind it is simple. Everyone these days is trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and when it comes to this, alcoholic beverages simply don’t fix into the mix. But no calories, gluten-free cannabis is becoming more and more popular among individuals looking to get loaded without experiencing any side effects.

Reasons Why Cannabis is a Better Alternative
It’s no secret that legal cannabis is cutting into the wine sector. The reason behind it’s increased popularity is that cannabis industry has done a great job of bringing products to market for people that don’t like the idea of smoking weed. There are wide range of CBD edibles available on the market, from cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, and cannabis wine that are suitable for anyone previously devoted to wine. Following are the top reasons why many are ditching wine and replacing it with cannabis:

Health Impact
The health risks associated with drinking wine are all well-known: decreased cognitive function, ulcers, nerve damage, liver disease, and shorter life expectancy are chief among them. These risks lead to a shocking number of deaths each year. On the other hand, cannabis isn’t killing anyone. It’s quite the opposite in fact as it improves the quality of life. Cannabis products like CBD edibles, cannabis wine, CBD patches, tinctures, etc. offer a long list of benefits, such as immune system support, heart health, mood regulation, pain control, and more. Cannabis also helps deal with anxiety, depression, and many other ailments.

Caloric Value
It’s reasonable to think that ditching wine for cannabis will help you lose a few pounds. This is because alcohol causes the munchies. Not to mention it is packed with calories. One shot of vodka contains 97 calories and a single beer usually contains over 100 calories. Most of these drinks also have fast-burning carbohydrates that can contribute to unwanted weight gain. CBD on the other hand, boosts weight loss efforts as it is a natural metabolic booster and appetite suppressant.

Hangover Intensity
Everyone is familiar with the symptoms of a wine/alcohol hangover: anxiety, tiredness, nausea, headache, etc. While many people associate cannabis with hangover, keep in mind that this is only the case with cannabis products with high THC content. THC is responsible for giving you a ‘high’. CBD edibles, cannabis wine, tinctures, etc. that contain little to no THC content are free from this effect. Not to mention, you can choose the amount of dosage when buying cannabis products, hence controlling the hangover intensity.

The Bottom Line
Although researchers doubt that anyone is willing to give up wine and other alcoholic beverages during dinner and other special occasions, the addition of legal cannabis will offer them with other better opportunities to go for instead of the traditional wine.

Both cannabis and wine have a long history of helping humans feel better. But nowadays, cannabis consumers are finding that their favorite CBD products can offer more benefits than wine, without any side effects.

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