Cannabis Beverage Expo

Cannabis Beverage Expo

Something big is about to happen in the cannabis industry as it relates to beverages such as wine and spirit. It is the Cannabis Drink Expo, San Francisco!

The Cannabis Expo is pertinent for everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the development, production, distribution and retailing of all alcoholic drinks and cannabis and related products.

This conference / Exhibition is put together to help the drink industry worldwide to understand the challenges and potential opportunities, that are available in legalizing the sale of cannabis in major countries like Canada and other increasing number of American states.

The Cannabis Expo will be taking place at San Francisco, in July, 2019; and will be the first event of its kind to tackle the issue head on. It is designed to give the worldwide drink industry a chance to come together to discuss about solutions to problems that has been described as the biggest threat to the drink industry.

As part of this event, leading speakers and industry experts within the cannabis industry will share their thoughts, insights and analysis about how to create, grow and develop an exciting and profitable new consumer market.

Research has predicted that by 2021, the legal cannabis industry could possible hit $23 billion, and it is set to grow at about 30% a year and is already close to a $7 billion industry.

Today, it is possible to use cannabis for recreational purposes in eight US states and in D.C; for some states, like California, the law changed in 1st January, 2018. In addition, 29 states in the US use cannabis for medical purposes. It has also been legalized across Canada since, 1st July, 2018.

For instance Brands like Recess and Rebel Coast Winery has infused cannabis into red wine, and is working on a hemp IPA. Rebel Coast Winery amazed everyone with this invention of what is quickly becoming their most popular product, cannabis infused wine.

The Cannabis extraction and infusion technology is experiencing a rapid growth spurt and this cannabis infused sauvignon blanc from Rebel Coast Winery.

This event is organised and powered by the Beverage Trade Network and they will be working with the drink industries of North America over the coming months to come up with the most relevant and must attend content for the inaugural Cannabis Drinks Expo event.

The event creates a platform that presents an opportunity for the industry to come up with working strategies that can be exploited by legalized cannabis drinks-related products over the next five to ten years; and also how they can open up new distribution channels and markets.

The Expo is expected to cover the following issues:

• Innovations that industry players have to bring to market to keep one step ahead of the competition
• The necessary steps businesses must take to comply with new cannabis legislation
• Discussions about the new routes to market and opportunities for new distribution channels
• They ways in which traditional drinks industry suppliers and service providers can adapt their business models to make themselves equally relevant to those now working with cannabis-related products

The demand for the first Cannabis Expo is expected to be high. Therefore, it is advisable to register now, and be among the first to hear any breaking news about the show, before the rest of the industry. Every pre-registered businesses and individuals will get exclusive access to launch deals available for the exhibitors and delegates.

The Expo is will relevant, especially, to the new wave of cannabis brands and businesses that need to find their route to market their products; and also how they can partner and work with the traditional drinks industry, ranging from producers to importers, distributors, retailers, retailers, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Cannabis Expo

The Beverage Trade Network has a strong and credible track record for organizing events of this magnitude; relevant drinks industry events such as USA Trade Tasting, International Bulk Wine and Spirit Show, The London Wine and lots more.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo to be held in July, 2019 in San Francisco is the perfect place for big startup money and venture capitalists to mix with cannabis growers and professional cannabis enthusiasts.

The substance still being federally illegal complicates things for manufacturers of such products, but numerous companies are still willing to make big-money bets that people will be chomping at the bit to sip, rather than smoke cannabis.

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